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Below you will find all of the important information regarding ordering textbooks or compiling course manuals for your courses. We're here to assist however possible so your course materials are ready for student purchase before they even arrive on campus. Please read the information posted below and stay mindful of our deadlines. We realize that the due dates are quite early, but they are this way because of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) which requires that textbooks needed for classes along with their prices be available to students when they register for classes. Thanks for your cooperation.

Ordering Textbooks

We offer two ways to order your course books.

  • Online

    To receive your personal link to the online textbook adoptions site please send an email to Chris Bentz. Please include your name and department in the body of the email.

    Faculty Adoptions

  • Jotform

    Click Here to use our Jotform for Textbook Adoption
  • Hard Copy

    Each semester and summer term, the Bookstore will send to each Office Coordinator a packet of materials for distribution to each faculty member that will contain a form for each class you are teaching. Send in a hard copy of your requisitions through CPO or a pdf of this hard copy via email to Chris Bentz. The requisitions you receive are based on the information that the Registrar had at the date this material was sent out. Please make any changes necessary in your textbook orders due to schedule changes. You can view a sample of this form in the Related Materials.

Due Dates

The dates by which we need your textbook orders and course packet masters are listed on the forms that you receive from your Office Coordinator. Please note two things about the due dates:

  1. They are set the way they are so that the Bookstore can get textbook information into student’s hands before they register for classes in accordance with the federal law known as the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). Everyone realizes that it’s not possible to get this information to students 100% of the time, but that is the goal.
  2. The Bookstore will always accept an order for any textbook you need your students to have. So if you’ve forgotten to order a book or come across a book after the due date, just email us and we’ll add it to your list.

Related Materials

Ordering Course Notes/Manuals

The College has established two ways to distribute course notes or portions of books to your students. Regardless of whether you elect to put together a physical manual or distribute your materials online, you must complete the Course Packet-Schoology Form and Bibliography Information and submit it to the Copy Center.

  • Course Packets sold in the Bookstore

    Simply email a PDF or turn in a clear hard copy of the items you wish to have distributed to the Copy Center by the due dates listed on the instructions.

    Please complete steps 1, 2, 3, 4 on the Course Packet-Schoology Form and Bibliography Information. The Copy Center will get copyright permission where necessary and have it available for purchase before the course begins.

  • Post in Schoology

    If the material is already available somewhere on the Web, simply create a link in your Schoology page to that location. For example, many journal articles are available in full-text through the library’s Web site.

    • For help determining what’s available online, or for help creating links, please contact a librarian at or call 630-752-5169.
    • No copyright considerations come into play when linking to existing sources.

    If the material is not already available on the Web, you may post a copy to Schoology as long as:

    • You post five or fewer journal articles, book chapters, or other copyrighted readings for the course, or
    • You post more than five readings for the course and you complete steps 1 and 3 on the Course Packet-Schoology Form and Bibliography Information and send it to the Copy Center. The Copy Center will obtain copyright permission where necessary.
    • For help posting documents, please email or call 630-752-5843

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Please read all of this information carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (630) 752-5325 or email
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