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The Bookstore will be temporarily located in the Welcome Center (insignia, gifts, trade book, etc) and North Harrison Hall (textbooks and Copy Center) during construction and renovation of the Student Services Building beginning 3/18/19.

Customer Service / Textbook Information

Textbook Information

As the official Bookstore for Wheaton College, we carry all the course materials required by your professors for your classes. Click a link below to find out about ordering textbooks for your classes. If you'd like more information, feel free to send us an email at or give us a call: 630-752-7009. When you're ready to order, click the textbook ordering tab above.


In order to make getting your textbooks as easy as possible, we have a service called EasyBooks! For the Fall and Spring terms, you can order your textbooks online well before you arrive on campus and have them waiting for you when you get to Wheaton. (We also provide Summer term books online, but EasyBooks procedures don’t work as nicely.) Let us know what you need and we do the rest!

What you do

  • Order your books when textbooks go “live” on our web site (usually about 6 weeks before the start of class)
  • Come to the Bookstore to pick up your books (order pick-up is usually about a week before classes start)

What we do

  • Pull your textbooks from the shelves before anyone arrives on campus, giving you the best shot at lower-priced used books
  • Check your order for accuracy and bill your credit card for what you’re purchasing (respecting your preferences for new or used books with substitutions when new or used are not available) plus a small $4.25 service fee
  • Bag your order with your receipt and have it ready for you when you arrive on campus
  • Keep the order pick-up line moving steadily (average wait time is 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Make it easy for you if you need to return anything you buy as long as you comply with our returns policy

Financial Aid

If you intend to use Financial Aid to pay for all or part of your textbooks please CLICK HERE to submit athorization for us to charge your financial aid account. We will verify everything with Student Accounts before charging you. If there is a problem we will contact you.

Textbook Returns

  • Textbooks are returnable up until one week after the semester begins
  • Students with a drop slip or a new schedule can return their books up to two weeks after the beginning of the semester
  • B-Quad books can be returned up until one week after B-Quad begins only
  • Textbooks must be returned in their original condition with all original packaging intact.
  • Textbook returns must be accompanied by the original receipt
  • Some materials are not returnable and are marked as such. Course manuals and readers are never returnable

Textbook Costs

As you know or will soon find out, some textbooks are EXPENSIVE! While we have little control over the price of books (publishers set the prices after all), we are trying to keep costs as low as possible.

Here's what we’re doing to keep textbook costs down for our students:

    Used Books
    We have a large inventory of used books that we get from our own students and various used book sources. Used books save students 25% over new books and sometimes we are able to provide even lower-priced used books.
    Discounts on Select New Books
    We discount some of our new books when publishers extend higher discounts to us. When you see a “7” at the end of a new book price (i.e. $29.97), that book has been discounted about 20% off the list price.
    We offer book rentals whenever possible. Renting your books can save you money at times and at the very least tells you exactly how much a book will cost for use during a semester.  Our goal is to offer book rentals whenever possible on high-priced books.
    Book Buyback
    When a book is going to be reused the next semester, we'll buy the book back from you for up to 50% of the new book price. This is limited to the number of books we'll need for the following semester. However, if we don't need the book and it's still in print, we'll buy back nearly any book for the wholesale price. While it's first come / first serve, we recommend waiting for our special buyback hours at the end of each semester. That's when we'll know what books are being used the previous semester and will generally be able to pay more for your books.
    Using Old Editions
    Some of your professors will want to keep using a book that has been superseded by a new edition. When this happens, generally the price of the old edition goes down and we’re able to sell such books for less. As an example, the Physical Geology book sells for $18 as an old edition and would sell for well over $100 as a new edition.
    Comparison Shopping
    Click below to check out how we help you save with the Comparison Shopping Tool

Comparison Shopping Info

Can't see the video? Click here...

There are many online places selling books and some at considerable price savings. To help navigate this online world, we offer a service called Comparison Shopping. Below every book you will see a table that lists alternate sources along with pricing and the ability to place orders from these other sources. These sources include buying books from major online sellers such as as well as a rental option from a national company. A few words of caution when you buy books from sources other than Wheaton College Bookstore:

  • Some online orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. If you order from someone other than the Bookstore, order early and check on the status of your order.
  • Some online sellers will not send you exactly what you ordered. You are guaranteed to get the right book when you order from the Bookstore, but please check orders placed with other online sellers carefully to make sure you have the right books.
  • The Bookstore offers Comparison Shopping as a service so that students can see pricing from alternate sources. We cannot be responsible for incorrect books received, even if we listed a title eventually changed by a professor. We will only be responsible for books we directly sell to students. This means we will not accept returns or issue refunds for any item purchased by an outside vendor.

Rental Info

How long is the rental period and what are the terms?

  • If you are in a multiple term course and want to rent that title, you would need to rent the book each term. In this case, it would be more economical to purchase the books.
  • Rental books are due the last day of Final Exams for the semester in which they were rented. Please note too that A-Quad books are returnable at the end of the semester. You can return them earlier but will not get any money back.
  • Books must be returned complete and in salable condition-- the spine of the book is intact; there is no damage to the book other than routine highlighting; all components [CDs etc.] must be present. They must also be returned on time.
  • For books not returned in salable condition or on time, you will be charged the difference between the rental price you paid and the new or used price of the book. This replacement cost will be in addition to the rental fee paid when the book was rented and is non-refundable.
  • All replacement charges will be charged to your student account.
  • We cannot accept late returns as our agreement with our textbook wholesale partners require us to return the books immediately at the end of the term.
  • Normal tax rates will apply to rental transactions.

How do I know which books are available for rental?

  • Books available for rent will have a rental price on the course shelf tag on the textbook sales floor and on the Wheaton College Bookstore web site (

What do I need to rent my textbooks?

  • You must be a Wheaton College student and present your Student ID card at the time of checkout at the cash register.

Are rental textbooks eligible for refunds?

  • Rental textbooks follow the same refund requirements for all semester long textbooks.

Where do I return my rental books?

  • Rental books can be returned at the Wheaton College Bookstore

What if I want to purchase my rental book?

  • Simply come into the Bookstore with your rental and an ID. We will be happy to convert your rental into a purchase and charge you the difference.


We offer Book buyback every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 AM - Noon.

Generally during the semester and summer, we offer wholesale prices for books that you try to sell back. During Finals, however, there's a MUCH higher chance that we will be purchasing books back for our own inventory. That means you can receive up to HALF of the new price of the book, regardless of where you bought the book or whether you purchased it used or new. Check your CPO and watch for our posters that let you know when we have special buyback hours.

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