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Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author)
ISBN: 1881084299 EAN: 9781881084297
Publisher: Johannesen Printing & Publishing
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: July 01, 1995

Price: $38.00
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George MacDonald
Contributor(s): Lewis, C S (Author), MacDonald, George (Author)
ISBN: 0060653191 EAN: 9780060653194
Publisher: HarperOne
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 20, 2001

In this collection selected by C. S. Lewis are 365 selections from MacDonald's inspiring and challenging writings.

Price: $12.99
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Knowing the Heart of God

Knowing the Heart of God
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author)
ISBN: 0764223127 EAN: 9780764223129
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 01, 2000

To MacDonald, all of life's truth can be discovered in an extremely simple two-step process: realizing who God is and obeying Him. The author offers a path of discovery to knowing the Father intimately, a path whose only door is obedience.

Low inventory, item may be out of stock.

Price: $22.00
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The Complete Fairy Tales ( Penguin Classics )

The Complete Fairy Tales ( Penguin Classics )
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author), Knoepflmacher, U C (Editor)
ISBN: 0140437371 EAN: 9780140437379
Publisher: Penguin Books
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: September 01, 1999

The Complete Fairy Tales brings together all eleven of George MacDonald's shorter fairy tales, including "The Light Princess" and "The Golden Key, " as well as his essay "The Fantastic Imagination." The subjects are those of traditional fantasy: fairies good and wicked, children embarking on elaborate quests, journeys into unsettling dreamworlds, life-risking labors undertaken. Though they allude to familiar tales such as "Sleeping Beauty" and "Jack the Giant-Killer, " MacDonald's stories are profoundly experimental and subversive. By questioning the concept that a childhood associated with purity, innocence, and fairy-tale "wonder" ought to be segregated from adult skepticism and disbelief, they invite adult readers to adopt the same elasticity and open-mindedness that come so naturally to a child.

Low inventory, item may be out of stock.

Price: $17.00
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The Princess and Curdie
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author), Stratton, Helen (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0140367624 EAN: 9780140367621
Publisher: Puffin Books
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: August 01, 1996

Princess Irene's great-grandmother has a testing task for Curdie. He will not go alone though, as she provides him with a companion -- the oddest and ugliest creature Curdie has ever seen, but one who turns out to be the most loyal friend he could have hoped for.

Price: $6.99
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The Princess and the Goblin
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author), Hughes, Arthur (Illustrator), DuPrau, Jeanne (Introduction by)
ISBN: 0375863389 EAN: 9780375863387
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: January 26, 2010

One of the most successful and beloved of Victorian fairy tales, George Macdonald's The Princess and the Goblin""tells the story of young Princess Irene and her friend Curdie, who must outwit the threatening goblins who live in caves beneath her mountain home.

Macdonald's pioneering use of fanstasy as a literary medium had a great influence on Lewis Carroll, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Madeleine L'Engle, all great admirers of his work, which has remained popular to this day. "I write, not for children," he wrote, "but for the child-like, whether they be of five, or fifty, or seventy-five."

This edition includes illustrations by Arthur Hughes.

Low inventory, item may be out of stock.

Price: $9.99
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The Wise Woman and Other Stories
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author), Yoe, Craig (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0802818609 EAN: 9780802818607
Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: October 23, 1980

This is one volume in the four-volume collection of the complete fantasy stories of George MacDonald, the great nineteenth-century innovator of modern fantasy, whose works influenced C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams.

Low inventory, item may be out of stock.

Price: $16.00
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Unspoken Sermons

Unspoken Sermons
Contributor(s): George Mac Donald, Mac Donald (Author)
ISBN: 1594626359 EAN: 9781594626357
Publisher: Book Jungle
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: April 20, 2007

Low inventory, item may be out of stock.

Price: $13.95
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