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The Divine Comedy: Volume 3: Paradise
The Divine Comedy: Volume 3: Paradise

Contributor(s): Alighieri, Dante (Author), Alighieri, Dante (Author), Sayers, Dorothy L (Translator), Reynolds, Barbara (Translator)
ISBN: 0140441050 EAN: 9780140441055
Publisher: Penguin Books
Binding: Paperback
Language(s): English, Italian
Pub Date: July 30, 1962

Dante (1265-1321) is the greatest of Italian poets and his DIVINE COMEDY is the finest of all Christian allegories. To the consternation of his more academic admirers, who believed Latin to be the only proper language for dignified verse, Dante wrote his COMEDY in colloquial Italian, wanting it to be a poem for the common reader. This edition is translated by, and includes an Introduction by, Dorothy L. Sayers.

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