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The Complete Fairy Tales ( Penguin Classics )
The Complete Fairy Tales ( Penguin Classics )

The Complete Fairy Tales ( Penguin Classics )
Contributor(s): MacDonald, George (Author), Knoepflmacher, U C (Editor)
ISBN: 0140437371 EAN: 9780140437379
Publisher: Penguin Books
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: September 01, 1999

The Complete Fairy Tales brings together all eleven of George MacDonald's shorter fairy tales, including "The Light Princess" and "The Golden Key, " as well as his essay "The Fantastic Imagination." The subjects are those of traditional fantasy: fairies good and wicked, children embarking on elaborate quests, journeys into unsettling dreamworlds, life-risking labors undertaken. Though they allude to familiar tales such as "Sleeping Beauty" and "Jack the Giant-Killer, " MacDonald's stories are profoundly experimental and subversive. By questioning the concept that a childhood associated with purity, innocence, and fairy-tale "wonder" ought to be segregated from adult skepticism and disbelief, they invite adult readers to adopt the same elasticity and open-mindedness that come so naturally to a child.

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